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Big Kid Blankets from Audrey’s Bear

When I came across Audrey's Bear recently, I knew there was no way I would be able to pass it up! Audrey's Bear has a wide variety of blankets and accessories for newborn all the way up to big kids. I know I won't be having a baby anytime soon, but I bookmarked the page... Continue Reading →


Moosh-Moosh Plushies

Have you heard of the adorable new marshmallow-soft pillow plushies, Moosh-Moosh? Since launching in February of this year, these fun plushies have taken over my home! We currently have a collection that includes Crush The Shark (Large 12"), Freckles (Large 12"), Strawbearry (Large 12"), Oswald The Bat (Medium 8"), Corey The Puppy (Medium 8"), Doe (Medium... Continue Reading →

goDog Plush: Holiday Toys

Our pup Olaf is getting into the Christmas spirit with the help of GoDog! GoDog sent Olaf an adorable santa-themed dragon. This toy is made with bubble plush and lined with Chew Guard Technology™ making it the perfect toy for even the toughest and roughest playmates! Inside of these goDog plush santas there are small... Continue Reading →

Later Alligator Twins Gift Set

Kinsley recently got her hands on the "Later Alligator Twins" set from one of our favorite doll companies, Adora Play! It is no surprise that is has been a huge hit since opening it a few days ago. This set comes with two 11” baby dolls, two alligator overalls, two alligator long sleeves, two striped... Continue Reading →

Sunny Bunnies Toys from Funrise

If your child watches YouTube or Disney Channel, odds are you've watched Sunny Bunnies once or twice! Sunny Bunnies is an animated series featuring  five little bunnies named Turbo, Big Boo, Shiny, Iris and Hopper who fly down to Earth to play together and get into to plenty of mischief! My daughter, Kinsley, is a huge Sunny... Continue Reading →

Hey Arnold!: The Ultimate Collection

For the first time ever, bring home every episode starring Nickelodeon's most famous football head when Hey Arnold!: The Ultimate Collection arrives on DVD November 13. Hey Arnold!: The Ultimate Collection includes 18-discs with all 100 episodes from the show's original five season run, plus new-to-DVD bonus features and two discs that feature the original films Hey Arnold!: The Movie and Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie.... Continue Reading →

All-in-One Kits from Quarto Knows

I absolutely love doing DIY projects, but sometimes getting everything together and attempting a new project can be a difficult task. Quarto Knows is releasing two brand new all-in-one kits that contain everything you need to get started with cool DIY projects like Garden Transfer Art and DIY Lip Balm! That means no more searching Pinterest... Continue Reading →

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