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Holiday-Themed Nuts from Hampton Farms

The time is finally here. Office parties and Christmas parties galore. Everyone brings a treat, but you're tired of the same old things. Try treating your friends and family to Hampton Farms new holiday themed packaged nuts! Hampton Farms is known for their great quality, and offers a wide variety such Chocolate Covered Peanut Brittle... Continue Reading →


Moosh-Moosh Plushies

Have you heard of the adorable new marshmallow-soft pillow plushies, Moosh-Moosh? Since launching in February of this year, these fun plushies have taken over my home! We currently have a collection that includes Crush The Shark (Large 12"), Freckles (Large 12"), Strawbearry (Large 12"), Oswald The Bat (Medium 8"), Corey The Puppy (Medium 8"), Doe (Medium... Continue Reading →

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