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Unicorn Themed Slime from Mythical Slyme

My daughter's favorite things right now are unicorns and slime. So imagine her excitement when we got our hands on this new Unicorn Slime from Mythical Slyme! I try to avoid making our own slime as much as possible because finding the perfect slime recipe can be hard. We have ended up with several goopy messes... Continue Reading →


Nella the Princess Knight: Royal Quests

Nickelodeon's unconventional princess is back with another adorable DVD! Nella the Princess Knight: Royal Quests features eight adventure-packed episodes where Nella and her friends embark on daring quests! It is no wonder my daughter is so in love with this cartoon because every episode is a brand new adventure! From tracking down the rare Bafflin, to teaching a... Continue Reading →

Selling a House with Kids

Guest Post From HomeLight Raising children is a wonderful experience, but without a doubt, it’s also a stressful one. Now, let’s pair raising children with arguably the second if not first most stressful thing out there: moving. Many parents are faced with the dilemma of having to pack up out of their already established home... Continue Reading →

Super Dad! Personalized Storybook from iSeeMe

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's SUPER DAD! iSeeMe Personalized Children's Books just released an adorable Father's Day book titled Super Dad! Super Dad is a personalized book  that will make any dad feel like a superhero when his name and photo are used in the story! iSeeMe has always created amazing personalized books that... Continue Reading →

Preparing For Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is heading into theaters on June 22nd, which sparked a whole new interest of dinosaurs in children like my daughter. No matter what your child's age or gender, there is a product out there to help them grow their love of dinosaurs. My daughter quickly became obsessed with baby dinosaurs, so what better way... Continue Reading →

Nickelodeon Favorites: Great Summer Campout

I absolutely love whenever Nickelodeon releases DVDs that feature a wide range of my daughter's favorite characters. Instead of watching one specific cartoon, my daughter is able to watch a variety of shows all based around one theme. This new Nickelodeon Favorites DVD features episodes about summer and features some of our favorite characters like Nella The... Continue Reading →

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