Later Alligator Twins Gift Set

Kinsley recently got her hands on the "Later Alligator Twins" set from one of our favorite doll companies, Adora Play! It is no surprise that is has been a huge hit since opening it a few days ago. This set comes with two 11” baby dolls, two alligator overalls, two alligator long sleeves, two striped... Continue Reading →


Sunny Bunnies Toys from Funrise

If your child watches YouTube or Disney Channel, odds are you've watched Sunny Bunnies once or twice! Sunny Bunnies is an animated series featuring  five little bunnies named Turbo, Big Boo, Shiny, Iris and Hopper who fly down to Earth to play together and get into to plenty of mischief! My daughter, Kinsley, is a huge Sunny... Continue Reading →

X-Shot Flying Bug Attack

Test your aim and your skill with the new X-Shot Flying Bug Attack from ZURU! This awesome new addition to the dart blaster range allows players to shoot real moving targets! The X-Shot Flying Bug Attack single pack comes with 1 Swarm Seeker blaster, a motorized launcher, 2 flying bugs, and 12 foam darts. The Double Pack includes... Continue Reading →

Cutie Stix Jewelry Maker

If you have a child that loves to create their own accessories, the Cutie Stix Jewelry Maker is definitely the perfect product for them! The Cutie Stix Jewelry Maker is an art station that allows children to create customizable jewelry, nail art, and fun figures out of colorful two-sided beads!  The original set includes 1 display unit, 1... Continue Reading →

My First Tractor Set from SmartMax

We have reviewed SmartMax sets in the past and absolutely adored the concept behind them. They are great problem-solving toys and are a great way to introduce magnetic discovery.  The new "My First Tractor Set" from SmartMax is no exception! This set includes 22 pieces total including a tractor, a farmer, horses, and fences. Since the pieces are fairly... Continue Reading →

Stocking-Stuffer Roundup from Bulls i Toy

Toys don't have to be larger than life to provide hours of fun, which is why we love this year's stocking-stuffer roundup from Bulls i Toy! Bulls i Toy has been one of our favorite toy brands for quite some time now with proudcucts like the never ending Squish’Ums lines and LOL Surprise Slap Bands. These products may... Continue Reading →

Reindeer In Here

Starting holiday traditions with my daughter is super important to me. There are things about Christmas that I looked forward to as a child, and I would love to make that excitement real for my daughter. There are a lot of new things hitting the market that are geared to get children excited and on... Continue Reading →

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