Unicorn Themed Slime from Mythical Slyme

My daughter's favorite things right now are unicorns and slime. So imagine her excitement when we got our hands on this new Unicorn Slime from Mythical Slyme! I try to avoid making our own slime as much as possible because finding the perfect slime recipe can be hard. We have ended up with several goopy messes... Continue Reading →


Preparing For Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is heading into theaters on June 22nd, which sparked a whole new interest of dinosaurs in children like my daughter. No matter what your child's age or gender, there is a product out there to help them grow their love of dinosaurs. My daughter quickly became obsessed with baby dinosaurs, so what better way... Continue Reading →

Laser X Micro Blaster

My family and I love to play laser tag, however the closest laser tag arena near our home is over two hours away. We don't play nearly as much as we'd like to.  I have been looking into Laser X equipment for quite some time, but was unsure if it was worth the money. That... Continue Reading →

Pop-Up Playdate with Pop-oh-ver Stove Set

My daughter has the biggest imagination, but we don't exactly have the biggest space for her to play in. We often improvise with sheets over the table for secret hideouts and stacked up pillows for forts which I'm sure every family has done at one time or another. I recently stumbled upon the Pop-Oh-Ver products,  which... Continue Reading →

Zits (EWWW!)

We all know that one group of friends who are obsessed with pimple popping videos. There is just something oddly satisfying about them and people just can't seem to get enough! With hundreds of millions of viewers around the world, it is no surprise that there are toys to reflect everyone's love of pimple popping videos.... Continue Reading →

Peppa Pig – Lights N’ Sounds Family Home

The new Peppa Pig Lights N' Sounds Family Home from Jazwares has taken my home by storm! This new 22" dollhouse looks and sounds exactly like Peppa Pig's iconic family home. It features seven rooms, four floors, and thirteen never-seen-before accessories. Some of the accessories include Peppa, George, Zoe Zebra, a telescope, a computer table,... Continue Reading →

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