Hear Doggy™ Flats with Chew Guard Technology™

Most dogs absolutely love toys with squeakers in them, however most dog owners could do without the extra noise. Hear Doggy™ Flats with Chew Guard Technology™ give your pet the fun of loud squeaky toys,  without the irritating noise! Since dogs can hear sounds at a higher frequency than humans, Hear Doggy™ created the perfect... Continue Reading →


Purina Beyond Wild Prey-Inspired Cat Food

We are huge fans of Purina, however we have never given our furbabies Purina Beyond Wild Prey-Inspired cat food. This cat food features ingredients that tend to a cat’s natural craving for nutrient-dense foods. Real turkey is the #1 ingredient and it is made with nutrient-rich organ meat for a good source of vitamin A,... Continue Reading →

Pawnut Butter from Green Coast Pet

One thing my dog loves more than anything in the world? Peanut Butter. We are always buying peanut butter flavored treats and peanut butter scented toys, but we try to stay away from giving him peanut butter directly out of the jar. Pawnut Butter from Green Coast Pet is an all-natural peanut butter made specifically... Continue Reading →

goDog Plush: Holiday Toys

Our pup Olaf is getting into the Christmas spirit with the help of GoDog! GoDog sent Olaf an adorable santa-themed dragon. This toy is made with bubble plush and lined with Chew Guard Technology™ making it the perfect toy for even the toughest and roughest playmates! Inside of these goDog plush santas there are small... Continue Reading →

Blue Buffalo Kitty Cravings Stocking Stuffers Chicken Crunchy Cat Treats

Don't leave your kitties out this holiday season! Treat them to some holiday-themed goodies like these Blue Buffalo Kitty Cravings Stocking Stuffers Chicken Crunchy Cat Treats! These stocking stuffer treats are protein-rich treats that feature less than two calories per treat! Blue Buffalo believes in providing pet owners food and treats made with holistic and natural ingredients. These treats... Continue Reading →

Nylabone DuraChew

Olaf isn't a big toy fan, but that doesn't stop me from trying to find him things to play with. When I ran across the Nylabone DuraChew, I decided it was worth a shot since it happened to be bacon flavor. The Nylabone DuraChew helps massage gums and reduce tartar while your pet chews. It also helps freshens doggy... Continue Reading →

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