Fun Guinea Pig Accessories from The Hoghouse

  We ended up ordering a custom hay bag, a fleece igloo cover, and a large stay-open snuggle sack. The hay bag is designed to hang on the side of the cage and provide small animals with constant access to hay. These bags are about 12" x 12", and features two feeding windows. They also come with clips... Continue Reading →


SmartyKat: Crinkle Unicorn

Unicorns have taken over my home! My daughter is obsessed with them, and now so is our cat! This adorable SmartyKat Crinkle Unicorn has quickly taken Ellie's interest and it is easy to see why. This unicorn toy is filled with both silvervine and catnip which makes it more potent than catnip alone! Silvervine is... Continue Reading →

Ora-Bone™ Dental Treats for Dogs

Doggy breath can be a serious issue in our home, so dental treats are always a must. We have been using the same brand for quite some time, however I recently stumbled upon Ora-Bone™. Ora-Bone™ is a patent pending breath freshening treat designed to fight bad breath in your dog’s mouth and gut while also... Continue Reading →

Petlinks Table Tower Scratcher

My cat Ellie climbs and scratches on just about everything. Everywhere I turn, she is clawing at something. This new Petlinks Table Tower Scratcher was too cute to pass up! This scratcher fits perfectly underneath a table- adjusting perfectly anywhere from 26" to 30.5" by twisting the base. Since we didn't have a lot of... Continue Reading →

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