Custom Guinea Pig Gear from Treasures Of Many

As most of you know we recently adopted a guinea pig which my daughter has named Ariel. It didn't take us long to get her settled in and comfortable with our family, however we wanted to go above and beyond to make sure she was just as spoiled as our other furbabies. After doing a... Continue Reading →


Ora-Bone™ Dental Treats for Dogs

Doggy breath can be a serious issue in our home, so dental treats are always a must. We have been using the same brand for quite some time, however I recently stumbled upon Ora-Bone™. Ora-Bone™ is a patent pending breath freshening treat designed to fight bad breath in your dog’s mouth and gut while also... Continue Reading →

Petlinks Table Tower Scratcher

My cat Ellie climbs and scratches on just about everything. Everywhere I turn, she is clawing at something. This new Petlinks Table Tower Scratcher was too cute to pass up! This scratcher fits perfectly underneath a table- adjusting perfectly anywhere from 26" to 30.5" by twisting the base. Since we didn't have a lot of... Continue Reading →

goDog® RopeTEK™

With highly active dogs we go through tons of toys a month. Lots of toys can't withstand our dogs for more than a few days before ending up in pieces scattered across our floor. That is why we adore goDog® toys! goDog® toys are made for dogs of all breeds and sizes and are built... Continue Reading →

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