Blue Buffalo Wilderness Pate Variety Pack

We have always been huge fans of Blue Buffalo products in our home, so this variety pack was of course another hit! Blue Buffalo Wilderness Pate Variety Pack comes with meaty flavors such as duck, chicken, and salmon. As always, Blue Buffalo cat food was of great quality! Each recipe is made with only the finest,... Continue Reading →


Purina Pro Plan Savor Tender Strips

I have featured Purina Pro Plan several times on my website. Why? Because they are one of our favorite brands for my furbaby Olaf! These Purina Pro Plan Savor Tender Strips are no exception! These soft and chewy goodies are such a hit with our dog! These these treats are easy to tear so I can give Olaf... Continue Reading →

Medium HoundHouse

My furbaby Olaf loves to be outside, but up until recently we didn't have any place for him to relax in.  He didn't mind laying out in the grass, but I wanted to give him the option of shade as well. HoundHouse was the perfect fix to our problem! HoundHouse is a pop-up dog kennel... Continue Reading →

Weruva Cats in the Kitchen Variety Pack

I recently discovered this brand and my cats fell in love! This variety pack of cat food came with 12 cans of wet cat food which included flavors like "Funk In The Trunk" (Chicken In Pumpkin), "Kitty Gone Wild" (Wild Salmon), "Chicken Frick 'A Zee" (Chicken), and "Lamb Burgerini" (Lamb).  I absolutely love the catchy... Continue Reading →

Temptations Holiday Dinner Cat Treats

What kind of fur-parent would I be if I didn't spoil my kitties for Christmas? These Temptations Holiday Dinner cat treats are the PURRRR-fect gift for my furbabies! This 16oz container of snacks is turkey and sweet potato flavored, which is fitting for the "holiday dinner" theme. My cats love Temptations, so I wasn't surprised when they... Continue Reading →

Barkens Bucket: Buy A Bucket, Save An Animal

How many of you buy gifts for your furbabies during the holidays? I am extremely guilty. My dog has been getting Christmas presents for the past three years. This year, he is getting a Barkens Bucket! Barkens Bucket is a a 5-gallon easy-to-open reusable bucket filled with six favorite dog toys from Hartz! These buckets includes 2 Hartz Plush Toys, 2 Hartz Dura Play Toys,... Continue Reading →

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