Muppet Babies: Time To Play

I remember watching the Muppets whenever I was a child, so seeing the new Muppet Babies show on Disney Junior had me over the moon! The show features all of the Muppets that we know and love such as Kermit The Frog, Miss Piggy, Fozzie The Bear, and Animal all as tiny little babies! This... Continue Reading →


Rusty Rivets

Before this DVD, my daughter and I had never heard of Rusty Rivets. However, it looked way too adorable to pass up! This DVD introduces Rusty, a boy who is able to invent his way out of every jam by repurposing old parts.  As a mom, I thought the concept of this cartoon was super genius. My... Continue Reading →

Nella the Princess Knight: Royal Quests

Nickelodeon's unconventional princess is back with another adorable DVD! Nella the Princess Knight: Royal Quests features eight adventure-packed episodes where Nella and her friends embark on daring quests! It is no wonder my daughter is so in love with this cartoon because every episode is a brand new adventure! From tracking down the rare Bafflin, to teaching a... Continue Reading →

Nickelodeon Favorites: Great Summer Campout

I absolutely love whenever Nickelodeon releases DVDs that feature a wide range of my daughter's favorite characters. Instead of watching one specific cartoon, my daughter is able to watch a variety of shows all based around one theme. This new Nickelodeon Favorites DVD features episodes about summer and features some of our favorite characters like Nella The... Continue Reading →

Maya The Bee 2: The Honey Games

My daughter and I loved the original Maya The Bee movie, so whenever I go the chance to feature this new release I simply couldn't pass it up! This new DVD is based around Maya the Bee having to work with some new friends to win this year's Honey Games. If she loses, the Empress... Continue Reading →

PAW Patrol: Summer Rescues

Are you ready to cool off with the Paw Patrol pups this summer?  Ryder and the pups are ready for some warm-weather fun in the new DVD collection PAW Patrol: Summer Rescues! This new DVD features eight episodes that are sure to get the summer party started! This new DVD will be available starting May 1, 2018! Just in... Continue Reading →

Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie

Growing up, Hey Arnold! was one of my favorite shows! I mean, it is seriously a classic! So naturally I had to get the new Hey Arnold DVD! This DVD isn't a collection of old episodes, but actually starts where the original TV series left off! That means that old fans like myself, get to learn... Continue Reading →

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