Happy Healthy: Hassle-Free, Healthy Eats

As a mom on-the-go, eating healthy is nearly impossible. From the minute I wake up to the minute my daughter goes to sleep, I never stop. This new year, I decided to make a resolution to eat healthier. No more Starbucks stops in the morning before work, and definitely no quick dinners from from big... Continue Reading →


Edoughble: Cookie Dough Done Right

Like any other normal human being, I absolutely love cookie dough! Although I know I am not supposed to eat raw cookie dough, I sometimes do it anyway. I mean, the CDC literally JUST released a big statement saying that raw dough can contain bacteria that can cause disease. Okay CDC, stop telling us how to live... Continue Reading →

Holiday-Themed Nuts from Hampton Farms

The time is finally here. Office parties and Christmas parties galore. Everyone brings a treat, but you're tired of the same old things. Try treating your friends and family to Hampton Farms new holiday themed packaged nuts! Hampton Farms is known for their great quality, and offers a wide variety such Chocolate Covered Peanut Brittle... Continue Reading →

Sweeten Up Your Holiday with Local Hive™ Honey Vanilla Sugar Cookies

There is something special about tasting pure unfiltered honey. Knowing that the product you are eating is coming straight from the source without tons of unnecessary additives.Raw honey provides health benefits like antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and pollen unlike processed unnatural sugars or sweeteners. Local Hive™ From Rice’s Honey® has been a leading of high quality... Continue Reading →

Dinnerly: Our First Look

We finally got to try out the Dinnerly food subscription box that I have been hearing so much about! According to friends and family, this box is just as wonderful as competitor brands, for almost half of the price! This week's recipe options were Za'atar Chicken with Lemony Tabbouleh, Steakhouse Burger with Charred Tomatoes & Wedge Salad, Chinese BBQ Chicken with... Continue Reading →

Nostalgic Candy Club: April 2018

Do you ever get a craving for something extremely specific from your childhood? A lot of our classic candies are disappearing off of the shelves and have become nearly impossible to find!  Thanks to Nostalgic Candy Club, you can get a shipment of candy from your childhood delivered straight to your door! Nostalgic Candy Club offers four... Continue Reading →

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