Top Five Nuby Products for Independent Feeding Time

When your child begins to feed themselves independently, it is important to make sure they have the right tools to reach success. Nuby has a wide variety of products specially made for children who are beginning to feed themselves. Some of my top products for feeding time are the stainless steel utensils, wash or toss... Continue Reading →


SoapSox: Disney Collection

If your kids are anything like mine, getting them to bathe can be a bit of a struggle.  Getting them into the bath isn't the issue, but getting them to actually wash their bodies is like trying to bathe a cat. That is why we use SoapSox! SoapSox are 2-in-1 cuddly plush toys that you... Continue Reading →

Modern Feeding Products from Miniware

Promoting natural products is always a must for me, so whenever I learn about new eco-friendly products on the market I have to snatch them up. Miniware is a sustainable tableware brand made from materials such as bamboo fiber for kids age 4 months and older. They offer adorable designs that help children with self-feeding... Continue Reading →

Edushape Magic Shapes

It is never too early to introduce imaginative and magnetic play to your little one's toy collection. These kinds of toys are known to greatly help gross motor skills, logic & reasoning, hand-eye coordination, and visual sensory development. Edushape offers a wide variety of great learning toys for children as young as newborn. These Magic Shapes... Continue Reading →

MyKi Care Thermometer

There are certain products that I simply can't wait to share with my followers, and the MyKi Care Thermometer is definitely one of those products. When I first became a mom, I remember staying by my daughter's bed all night checking her temperature when she was sick. Trying to figure out if she needed medications, or... Continue Reading →

Car Seat Ponchos from Birdy Boutique

Bundling up your children during the cold winter months seems like the smart thing to do, but fastening your child in his/her carseat with tons of extra layers and jackets can be extremely dangerous. Buckling up your child with even just a few extra layers leaves room for your child to slip out of their... Continue Reading →

Alice & Ames: Fall Fashion

Fall is quickly approaching which means it is time to stock up on fall fashion! One of my favorite things about having a little girl, is being able to dress her up in the cutest fall dresses and boutique outfits. This year we are starting off her wardrobe with the most adorable ballet dress from Alice... Continue Reading →

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