Teaching Kids To Feed Themselves with Nuby Kid-Friendly Utensils

One of the most messy times in a toddler's life, is when they become comfortable enough to begin feeding themselves.  This can also be a stressful time for parents who want to help their independent children. When my daughter began to feed herself, she wanted absolutely no help to prove that she was big enough... Continue Reading →


MyKi Care Thermometer

There are certain products that I simply can't wait to share with my followers, and the MyKi Care Thermometer is definitely one of those products. When I first became a mom, I remember staying by my daughter's bed all night checking her temperature when she was sick. Trying to figure out if she needed medications, or... Continue Reading →

Car Seat Ponchos from Birdy Boutique

Bundling up your children during the cold winter months seems like the smart thing to do, but fastening your child in his/her carseat with tons of extra layers and jackets can be extremely dangerous. Buckling up your child with even just a few extra layers leaves room for your child to slip out of their... Continue Reading →

Alice & Ames: Fall Fashion

Fall is quickly approaching which means it is time to stock up on fall fashion! One of my favorite things about having a little girl, is being able to dress her up in the cutest fall dresses and boutique outfits. This year we are starting off her wardrobe with the most adorable ballet dress from Alice... Continue Reading →

Nuby Reversible Teething Bib

Nuby is our #1 go-to brand for basically all teething accessories. I feel like they are always releasing new ways to help our kids deal with teething pains and making mom-life a whole lot easier. These new Nuby Reversible Teething Bibs are some of my favorite teething bibs on the market! These bibs are good for... Continue Reading →

Nanobébé Starter Set

Breastfeeding mothers across the US are celebrating the revolutionary brand, Nanobébé. Nanobébé has successfully created an all-in-one feeding solution which allows breastfeeding moms to pump, store, warm, and feed using one product! The nanobébé bottle protects breast milk and gives baby an experience second only to breastfeeding itself! Nanobébé’s revolutionary bottle shape allows breastmilk to be... Continue Reading →

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