Journals for Tween Girls

Sometimes getting teenagers to tell you how they feel can be a bit difficult. Giving tweens their own personal journal is a great way to let them express themselves in a unique way. These two new Notebook Doodles journals for tween girls are hitting shelves this month and are absolutely perfect for getting the conversations... Continue Reading →


All-in-One Kits from Quarto Knows

I absolutely love doing DIY projects, but sometimes getting everything together and attempting a new project can be a difficult task. Quarto Knows is releasing two brand new all-in-one kits that contain everything you need to get started with cool DIY projects like Garden Transfer Art and DIY Lip Balm! That means no more searching Pinterest... Continue Reading →

Make It Pop with Bubble Pop

Okay, seriously. Who DOESN'T love bubble wrap? There is something about bubble wrap that people simply can't resist popping the tiny air-filled pockets.  I know, personally, that any time I get a package with bubble wrap inside I simply can't help myself. Well now there is a company that has turned this fun material into a... Continue Reading →


Nothing brings me back to my childhood like shaking a picture and watching it develop in front of my eyes. I really miss being able to instantly get copies of photos that I take and sharing them with my friends, which is why I was so excited to get my hands on KiiPix! KiiPix is a... Continue Reading →

Nail Art Kit from Tuttle

There are so many ways to express yourself, nail art being one of them! No matter whether you pick a simple color or go bold, nail art shows people who you are! That is why this Nail Art Kit from Tuttle is so perfect! This kit has everything you need to create adorable nail art... Continue Reading →

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