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All Natural

Ugly By Nature

I absolutely love trying out new all natural products, especially products that my entire family can use. That is why I jumped on the opportunity to try Ugly By Nature! Ugly By Nature is a brand of all natural toothpaste that is free from all additives. These toothpastes are made from calcium bentonite clay, organic coconut oil, diatomaceous earth, aloe vera leaf juice, purified water, D-limonene, coconut activated charcoal, xylitol, hydrogen peroxide, and organic food flavoring. Since there are no added colors or flavoring, it is safe to say that this toothpaste is, well…ugly! When I first opened the tube I was more than a little reluctant. It came out a very UGLY black color. I may or may not have had to talk myself into actually testing it out. At first the texture was a bit strange, but the flavor was amazing. I tried the coconut flavor, and it was definitely great.  The texture was a bit strange simply because there were no added foaming agents or anything else that makes store-brand toothpaste feel all squeaky clean. After brushing my teeth, I must admit that my mouth felt cleaner overall. After a few days of use, I started getting used to the texture and I no longer found it strange. In fact, I looked forward to using it everyday! I am so glad I decided to give Ugly By Nature a try! I can’t wait to test out some other fun flavors!

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Cate McNabb Cosmetics

I am no beauty blogger. I have little to no experience making YouTube tutorials or contouring videos. I am an everyday woman/mom who was seeking a great cosmetic brand that I could afford on my single mom budget. That’s when I stumbled upon Cate McNabb Cosmetics. Cate McNabb Cosmetics is a natural cosmetic line that strives on bettering the beauty routine. All of their cosmetics are made with nourishing natural ingredients like shea butter, jojoba oil, and sunflower oil and are free of harmful unnecessary chemicals such as parabens, preservatives, and perfumes. They are also cruelty-free, which was a huge plus for me. Not only is Cate McNabb a wonderful cosmetic brand, but everything they sell stays perfectly in my budget! That is why I am extremely excited to share some of my favorite Cate McNabb products!20170510_173258.jpg

Eye Primer- Since I work such long hours, my eyeshadow seems to fade through the day. I applied one coat of my Cate McNabb eye primer under my favorite eyeshadows and they last so much longer! I don’t have to touch them up all day or worry about the glitter falling off around my face. I find I only need to use this product with other brands of eyeshadows because the Cate McNabb eyeshadow stays on fairly well by itself.

Eyeshadow-  This is one of my favorite products from Cate McNabb. Not only is it well-pigmented, but it lasts all day! No need for me to do any touching up! So far I have tried the eyeshadows in “Bubble Gum” and “Slate”.  Both of these colors blended easily and left a super clean natural look. They are also buildable, so I can play with different tones easily to get the look I am going for. I plan on purchasing the “Royalty” and “Smoke & Mirrors” for when I do a more bold look!

Gel Eyeliner-  I have fairly small eyes, so I often wear eyeliner to make my eyes appear larger and more defined. This is BY FAR the best gel eyeliner I have ever used! I found that this gel wasn’t as thick and pasty as some other gel eyeliners i’ve used, and I was able  to spread it across my eyes more evenly. It didn’t “cake” or “roll” like other eyeliners do either. Also, it was IMPOSSIBLE to take off. I had to use an eyemakeup remover since basic soap and water didn’t even make it budge!

Volumizing Mascara- I am extremely picky when it comes to mascara. My eyelashes aren’t naturally long, so they are often left looking lifeless and clumpy. Much to my surprise, I quickly fell in love with this product! After one application my lashes looked noticeably thicker. To get the look I was going for, I simply applied more than one layer. Instead of clumping like a lot of brands tend to do, this product left my lashes looking longer and thicker than I thought possible!

Liquid Lipstick- I try not to wear much lipstick because it is hard to find a great color that compliments my tone. I also don’t like having “lipstick stains” on my teeth all day at work. I reluctantly ordered the Cate McNabb liquid lipstick in “Cherry Bomb” and “Bellini”. All I can say is I HAVE BEEN MISSING OUT! I tried the “Bellini” color first since it was a more neutral color and matched my usual work style. I found that this liquid lipstick was much easier to apply than the brand I tried previously. It wasn’t sticky whatsoever! The color lasted quite longer than I originally expected (ones I have tried in the past I had to reapply every hour). I only reapplied once after my lunch break and I was good to go for the rest of the afternoon. I got so many compliments on the “Bellini” shade, so I decided to be bold and try out my “Cherry Bomb” color as well. Again, I completely fell in love! This is honestly the only liquid lipstick I plan on using for quite some time!

Finishing Powder-  A little goes a long way with this product! This translucent loose powder offers a matte finish when using as a as a final touch and extending the wearability of my makeup. Once I have completed my makeup routine, I simply layer a little of this on top for a shine-free finish. I found that it doesn’t leave me looking pale like a lot of other finishing powders do. Instead it easily blended in, filled in my pores, and kept my shine under control the entire time I was at work (I work 8 hour shifts).

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Dish Soap and Baby Wash from Little Twig

Little Twig’s slogan is “Natural Care For The Whole Family”, and that’s exactly what they provide! I was astonished at the wide variety that Little Twig has to offer! I received a bottle of the lemon fresh dish soap & bottle wash as well as a bottle of the berry pomegranate baby wash. The dish soap & bottle wash does not include any harmful chemicals or toxins and is completely vegan! I found that it is absolutely perfect for my daughter’s sippy cups. Sometimes it’s hard for me to clean the little cracks of the sippy cup lid, but this soap easily cut through the grime! It didn’t leave any slimy residue on her cups and left my hands feeling silky smooth! The 2-in-1 berry pomegranate baby wash is my daughter’s new favorite body wash. It is made with certified organic ingredients and is free of all dyes, phthalates, parabens, and artificial fragrances. The amazing smell comes from a blend of calendula, chamomile, rosemary, and aloe! It is pH balanced, pediatrician tested, and can be used from head to toe! My daughter loves the rich later this body wash gives and always gets excited when she has a ton of “bubbles”. She also loves the sweet berry scent which lasts even after she gets out of the bathtub! I can’t wait to expand our Little Twig collection and try some of their other amazing products!

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Raw Lemon Amber, Sky Quartz, and Hazelwood Necklace from Umai

I am a huge fan of natural teething necklaces and this Raw Lemon Amber with Sky Quartz and Hazelwood Necklace from Umai is no exception! Hazelwood helps control acidity issues in the body which makes it perfect for acid reflux, colic, heartburn and gerd while raw lemon amber helps issues associated with teething. The sky quartz is said to promote emotional equilibrium When heated by body heat, this necklace acts as a natural anti-inflammatory. It does a fantastic job controlling fever as well as excessive drooling.  Since my daughter is a bit older now, I thought I would have issues with her trying to yank the necklace off. Thankfully each bead is individually knotted so the beads can not slip off easily. The screw closure is also convenient so my daughter can’t pull the necklace off and lose it. Since there are a lot of “fake” amber necklaces on the market, it was nice that Umai included a certificate of authenticity with their necklace. The quality of this necklace is impeccable and my daughter adores it! Great purchase for a great price!

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Goodbeing Box

The Goodbeing box is a monthly subscription box dedicated to healthy beauty products and goodies.  After taking a personal quiz, Goodbeing sends you a hand-selected box of products picked especially for you. In this month’s box I received an Andalou instant hydration mask, Zatik Bearberry Bilberry face cream, Portland Bee Balm, Truly Natural Lipstick, and a Tribe Alive hand dyed shibori pouch. The Andalou instant hydration mask (valued at $5.99) is an eco-fiber facial sheet drenched in soothing hydro serum. It was extremely easy to use. I just had to place the sheet onto my face for 10 minutes, then rub in the excess serum. It left my face feeling silky smooth! The Zatik Bearberry Bilberry face cream (valued at $30) is a cream that helps fade the appearance of dark spots and blemishes. To use, all I had to do was massage one pump of this onto my problem area (in this case, my forehead). Results should be visible in about a month. The Portland Bee Balm (valued at $2.99) is a 100% natural lip balm. It went on smoothly and I absolutely loved that it was not scented!  The Truly Natural Lipstick (valued at $12.99) is a lip balm and lip color combined into one. It provides moisture, while also providing long-lasting color. It helps protect your lips while also healing and softening them. Last but not least, the Tribe Alive hand dyed shibori pouch (valued at $38.00) is an adorable little pouch perfect for storing makeup! I can toss it into my purse or backpack and keep all of my makeup together and easily accessible. Since these are hand dyed, each bag is unique! This month’s Goodbeing box has a value of $89.97 which is WAY over the monthly fee! Goodbeing has subscriptions starting at $21 a month for a one month subscription all the way to $18 a month for a twelve month subscription ! Such a fantastic value!

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ResQ Organics: Baby

Finding great bath and body products for babies with sensitive skin can be quite a task. Thankfully ResQ Organics has a fantastic baby skin care line specially formulated to help sensitive skin! We received some face & body wash, as well as a tub of skin care treatment cream.  The ResQ Organic face & body wash is pH balanced and can be used to treat diaper rash, cradle cap, eczema, dermatitis, and much more! It is hypoallergenic and free of parabens, sulfate, and fragrances making it mild enough for newborns. The smell was very light and natural. I only used a pea sized amount, and was able to properly cover my daughter’s entire body. The ResQ Organic skin care treatment is nothing less than heaven sent! It does not contain any alcohol, parabens, sulfates, fragrance, water, or added chemicals. It is pH balanced and can be used to reduce inflammation, redness,  eczema, diaper rash, dry skin, and scratches. This skin care treatment is formulated to stop pain and itching on contact and can effectively fight infections using natural antibacterial and anti inflammatory ingredients. I automatically assumed this treatment would be thick and greasy, but much to my surprise it had a nice whipped texture. It blended in smoothly and absorbed quickly into my daughter’s skin. My daughter has very sensitive skin and has always been prone to bug bites and diaper rashes. We used this on some of her mosquito bites and immediately noticed that she wasn’t scratching them as much. I also noticed that this cream effectively fights off the beginning stages of diaper rash (we have not had the chance to test it for a full blown rash). These ResQ Organics products are worth every penny! I am so glad we had a chance to test them out and we will forever be returning customers.

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Baby Products from Attitude Living

Did you know that babies are 10 times more vulnerable to carcinogenic chemicals than adults? That’s why I was beyond excited to test out some of the Attitude baby line! Attitude products feature only simple ingredients which makes them MUCH safer to use on my daughter! We received a 3-in-1 body wash, some hair detangler, and night time body lotion. The wild berry 3-in-1 can be used as a shampoo, conditioner, or body wash. It is hypoallergenic and completely safe for sensitive skin. My daughter loves the sweet berry scent, and I love that it doesn’t cause her to have any skin reactions! The hair detangler is my daughter’s favorite product. It is a hypoallergenic detangler that eliminates knots after washing her hair.  Since my daughter has fairly thick hair, brushing it after a bath is a task all in its own. With a few sprays of this, her hair becomes much more easy to comb through. We’ve also used it on dry hair and had equally awesome results. The nighttime lotion is great for using after a bath! It has a natural chamomile scent which is great for drifting off into a peaceful sleep. I have to admit, I’ve used it on myself once or twice! It has a nice texture and isn’t runny like a lot of nighttime lotions we’ve tried in the past. If I forget to put it on my daughter before bed, she will dig it out of the cabinet and bring it to me. She loves it!  Overall, I feel really good about using Attitude products in my home.   They offer a wide variety of natural baby products, bath products, household products, and even pet care! I can’t wait to try some of their other items!

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Face Paint Kit from Kiss Naturals

This face paint kit from Kiss Naturals was a huge hit! It had everything we needed to make five different color face paints and step by step instructions on what to do. Although it was a bit messy, the kids had a blast mixing up all of the ingredients.  All together it took us about five minutes to complete the kit and start painting. Since this is natural, it did have a thicker texture than most face paints. It still went onto skin very easily and we were easily able to draw some funny faces. Once we were done, cleaning up was very easy. It quickly came off with a soft wet towel and didn’t require any scrubbing. It also washed out of their clothes extremely easy with no special spot treatment needed. Love this face paint alternative !

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Lip Balm Kit from Kiss Naturals

I absolutely LOVE doing DIY projects with my family, so this Lip Balm Kit was no exception! This kit contains everything we need to create three jars and three sticks of lip balm. I love that this kit only contains natural ingredients like shea butter, beeswax, and coconut oil, because I don’t have to worry about any of the kids having a reaction. The steps were very easy to follow and only took us about ten minutes to complete. The kids had so much fun mixing all of the ingredients and even more fun showing off their finished project! Thankfully these did not contain any artificial coloring, so we didn’t have to worry about staining anything in the process! This would have been the perfect thing to do for a sleepover or spa party!

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