The Importance of Parenting for Literacy Rates in America

This is a guest post provided by Rainmaker Collective In developed countries like the United States, literacy rates aren't often a topic of discussion. The ability to read and write is a fundamental skill that almost feels intrinsic, something we didn't learn, but naturally developed. In truth, literacy is a concentrated effort on the part... Continue Reading →


Giving Assistant

Post Sponsored by Giving Assistant Wouldn't it be great if we could give back to the less fortunate, by doing the shopping we already planned on doing? The Giving Assistant is a Certified B Corp platform that helps shoppers save money with cash back and coupon codes, then shoppers have the option to donate a portion... Continue Reading →

Watts Beauty: Advanced Skin Care

THIS POST IS SPONSORED BY WATTS BEAUTY Finding a good skin care routine can be difficult, which is why the founders of Watts Beauty created an advanced plant based skin care line that helps empower women both inside and out. Founded in 2005 by 2 medical professionals, Watts Beauty features a full line of products such as teeth... Continue Reading →

Keep Art-Time Clean With Kwik Stix

This post is sponsored by Kwik Stix Let's admit it, sometimes we try to skip art-time because the cleanup is such a hassle. I am guilty for hiding the art supplies simply because I didn't feel like dealing with the aftermath. Within 20 minutes of pulling out all of the supplies, the kids are covered in... Continue Reading →

The Tuttle Twins

This Post Is Sponsored By The Tuttle Twins As a parent we want what is best for our children. Not only do we want to provide them with adequate needs to grow physically, but we want to ensure they they have the right tools to grow mentally as well. The Tuttle Twins are a collection of... Continue Reading →

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