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As a working mom, I tend to pack my lunch almost daily. Up until now, i have shoved my food inside of an old paper bag and tossed it into the work icebox. That usually ends with smushed food or spilled liquids, which can be quite a mess. Thanks to Fit & Fresh my meals are not only stylish and cute, but much more convenient overall. Fit & Fresh offers a wide variety of lunch bags, lunch containers, and water bottles. I received one Signature Collection Ladies’ Brisbane Insulated Lunch Bag in their grey aqua leaf drop print, one Bento Box Lunch Set with Insulated Carry Bag in their heart flowers print, and one 20 oz Alpine Tritan™ Water Bottle. I was super impressed with the adorable designs, and I got a ton of compliments on the insulated lunch bag. It looks more like a cute purse than an actual lunch bag! I was also really impressed with the overall quality. The bento box didn’t leak whatsoever, and kept my food cool all day! The lunch bag was easy to wipe clean when I used other containers inside, which was a huge plus for me. The water bottle was one of my favorite products, simply because it was so easy to carry around with me. Fit & Fresh has definitely made my lunch time a more enjoyable experience by removing the stress of an old paper bag mess.

Visit the Fit & Fresh website today!20170907_201357.jpg

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