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Remember my post back in January about The website that helps you save for you child future. Well guess what? I used it this month for my daughter Kinsley’s third birthday party and it was a HUGE success! Overall, the account was extremely easy to set up and my family found it much easier than buying gifts off of the shelf! To start, I had to create Kinsley’s birthday event. I had to enter some basic info including Kinsley’s savings account number. I was not charged any fee for setting up the registry.Untitled.png

Next, I had to create an invitation and create a gift registry. There were about six different invitations to choose from and I was able to customize it with a photo or video. I chose to go with a simple fireworks invitation. For the gift registry, I was surprised how easy it was to find gifts. There were lots of gifts to choose from all separated by style/gender and I was able to successfully find about 20 gifts I knew my daughter would love (all under $20). 


After I set up the account, I was able to invite guests via Facebook, Google, or manually by email. I was also able to share out a unique party link to those people without social media or emails. I was able to invite all 30 of my guests and Buy Gift Save kept track of who responded to the RSVP! I literally just had to set up the account adn Buy Gift Save did the rest!


Within minutes of sending out invitations, I was notified that someone gave Kinsley a monetary donation! I can’t wait to do this every year and see how much I can save for her future. As a single mom, the thought of college tuition was horrifying! Now, I don’t have to worry about her future thanks to Buy Gift Save and my amazing family/friends!

Try Buy Gift Save today, and see how much you can start saving for YOUR child’s future!

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