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As a parent, do you ever get tired of your child receiving hundreds of toys that they never play with? Ever wish people would give your children useful things for their birthdays like money for college tuition?  Well now they can! Buy Gift Save is a unique website that helps parents plan for their children’s futures, while allowing gift-givers the opportunity to help children save up for the things they need the most! Buy Gift Save allows friends and family to deposit monetary donations straight into a child’s savings account within a matter of seconds, while still making sure the child has an awesome and fun celebration!Buy-Gift-Save-feature-v6-800x420.jpg

Using Buy Gift Save is extremely easy! Parents create an event such as “Child’s 5th Birthday Party”, set up a gift registry, add savings account information (so that cash gifts can be deposited directly into the account), and then upload guests by Email or Facebook! Once your family and friends recieve your invitation they can go to Buy Gift Save to select their gifts! They will first select their overall budget and then select a gift from the registry. If Aunt Rebecca has a budget of $30 and finds a nice toy valued at $12, that $18 difference (minus a small convenience fee and shipping) will be deposited into your child’s savings account! Imagine your child saving $18 from 30 guests each year for 18 years! That’s $9,720 that can easily go towards college tuition or their first car! Untitled.png

Buy Gift Save is a convenient way for parents to stay organized while planning an event, while also helping gift-givers give the perfect gift! All of the gifts on the Buy Gift Save website are fairly inexpensive which means more of the money will go towards the child’s future. I don’t know about you, but as a gift-giver I’d feel more confident about putting $20 towards a child’s future than buying some $40 toy off of the shelf that will end up in the bottom of the toy box. Buy Gift Save just makes more sense overall!

Want to learn more? – Watch a Video on how Buy Gift Save works!

This post is sponsored by Buy Gift Save. Momma’s Little Reviews received compensation in exchange for writing this review.



26 thoughts on “Buy Gift Save

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  1. I guess Buy Gift Save easily tells you what they do, sounds like a thumbs up for me. I will be planning and getting something for my nieces soon!


  2. I think that’s awesome. To be able to start a registry for your kids is a great idea so you don’t have to deal with toys that will just end up in your stock room or attic. This definitely makes things convenient for parents.


  3. great idea, I know kids get so much toys and getting money to save for those ever increasing college tuition is a fantastic idea.


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