How to Teach Your Puppy to Be Mindful at Culver City Boarding at The Loved Dog

If you are looking for a place that your puppy can both board and train in Culver City, you may want to look into The Loved Dog. This is not like your typical dog kennels in Culver City. In fact, there are no kennels at all at The Loved Dog. The philosophy is inclusion for all of the dogs that are boarded at this location, but that is not where the differences end.unspecified-71-1280x500.jpg

How The Loved Dog is Different

When you board your dog at The Loved Dog, your dog is surrounded by people who are experienced in the ways of dog coach by Tamar Gellar. She is a renowned dog coach who has helped celebrities connect with their pets to create a mindful and loyal companion, and that is what she teaches her employees to do with your pets, too. All dogs, from puppies to elderly dogs, want to connect with their humans. They want to please and be a part of the family. By teaching your puppy from the start, how to make mindful decisions, you virtually guarantee a strong relationship with your dog for life. By play-training with your dog, the employees at The Loved Dog teach your puppy how to make choices that are good for them, and helpful to those around them. Each playful opportunity that comes up is a learning opportunity for your puppy, and after a few times of playing around, your puppy is going to start picking up on the patterns all on his or her own.2015-12-26_11.36.05.jpg

If you want your puppy to be mindful of you, your family, and your home, consider turning to the experts at The Loved Dog. Allow them to start your relationship off strong, so you can build on it for many years to come.

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