Forpow UV Sterilizer

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With a home full of children and pets, I always worry about how sanitary my home is. Although I clean daily, I try not to use harsh chemicals in my home for fear of making my family sick. This UV sterilizer from Forpow is absolutely perfect for us! This sterilizer kills 99% of germs using a high rate of UV-C light which eliminates germ and mold growth. Reducing mold growth can in turn help control allergies!20161031_120041

About the product:

This device is extremely easy to install and use. When using on a toilet, simply stick it to the underside of the toilet seat lid using the 3M adhesive tape. When using elsewhere (pet areas, kitchen,Shoebox,closet,cabinet), simply place the device in the area you want sanitized without using the 3M adhesive tape. No need for screws or additional installation. This device is waterproof and shockproof which allows it to be placed in any area of the home. Turning the device ON/OFF, is also very simple. When the LED light turns blue it is powered up and ready to go. Each sterilization session takes 6 minutes and the device will beep, then automatically shut off once complete. When the LED light is red, that means it is time to recharge it. A USB cable is provided for charging. A full charge normally takes 7-8 hours. Since the UV Sterilizer from Forpow doesn’t release any chemicals, it is perfectly safe around children and pets. It is very lightweight and easy to move around which makes it perfect for every room in the house.


So what did I think?

This UV Sterilizer from Forpow was much more lightweight that I originally expected. Since we are currently potty training my daughter, I decided to place our sample in my daughter’s bathroom (lots of accidents). It stuck easily to the toilet and stayed securely in place (even after a few slams from my toddler). I have never had the chance to test out something like this, so I am extremely interested to see the long-term benefits it will offer. Since this is not something that actually CLEANS my toilet, it is hard to see any immediate changes. However, I do feel more confident about the overall cleanliness of my daughter’s bathroom.20161031_120137

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This post is sponsored by Forpow. Momma’s Little Reviews received compensation in exchange for writing this review.

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