Emoji’s are a HOT topic right now so you can only imagine my 13 year old niece’s excitement when we received these Emoji lipsticks! This pack of lipsticks featured five flavors which included blue cotton candy (too cute 4 you), purple grape (I believe in unicorns), pink bubble gum (out loud), yellow lemon (I woke up like this), and turquoise watermelon (in your face). Each lipstick features a famous Emoji character on the front which really makes them stand out. Although I personally loved the “I Love Unicorns” design, my niece preferred the “I Woke Up Like This” tube. I was extremely happy to find out that although these lipsticks are colorful, they actually apply clear! This set offers a super shiny appearance with super moisturizing qualities. This means my niece won’t be walking around with rainbow lips all day! This set is a great way to let my niece express herself without going over-the-top with crazy colored makeup. I personally believe this is a great set for pre-teens aged 8-14!

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