Toy Bin Organizer from Best Choice Products

My two year old daughter has more toys than she knows what to do with. Her room was always unorganized and I felt like it always looked super cluttered. This toy bin organizer from Best Choice Products seriously solved our toy mess issue. The organizer was extremely easy to assemble and only took me about ten minutes. All I had to do was screw the poles into the side panels, and slip the bins in place. Once assembled, this stands about 11.5″ W x 33.75″ L x 31.5″ H. Although this has a wooden frame and metal bars it is extremely lightweight. I can pick up the entire frame and move it around the room without any issues. The organizer comes with four large plastic bins and eight smaller plastic bins. I really love that the bins can come off of the organizer making it easier for my daughter to keep all of her toys together. If she wants to play with her baby dolls, she can simply grab the bin with all of her baby doll accessories and put it back once she’s done. This has seriously cut down on the number of misplaced toys and allows us to keep everything in once place! My daughter loves knowing exactly where her toys are and we no longer have to spend 20 minutes searching the toy box for a specific item. She can clearly see all of her toys and grab exactly what she needs. This organizer has made things 10 times easier for all of us!

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