I have a miniature schnauzer who often gets itchy rashes on the back of his neck and legs. This top-selling natural botanical remedy is absolutely perfect for him! My Pet Vet is an animal antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral spray that helps treat hot spots, skin infections, cuts, wounds, and so much more! Since it is all natural, it is completely safe for my furbaby to lick and digest. I don’t have to go to extreme measures to make sure he doesn’t get any into his mouth. I simply spray My Pet Vet onto his rash three times a day and it immediately eliminates the pain and itching.  The spray is also much more convenient than creams from our vet. I don’t have to rub anything in or wash my hands afterwards! I also feel much more comfortable using a spray that is odorless and chemical free, versus something filled with chemicals and artificial scents. So far I have seen great improvement in his rash. I believe this is mostly because the spray is keeping the itch under control which allows it time to heal on its own. Although this isn’t a miracle spray, I do believe it is worth every penny!

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