We recently had some bad weather here in Louisiana, and my other doorbell piece flew right off my door! After not being able to find it, I decided to replace it with a different brand. I am really impressed with this wireless doorbell from PAPAYA! The installation was very easy and only took me about 5 minutes. I could use the sticky double sided adhesive to stick it to my door, but it also came with some screws for a more permanent installation. I chose to use the screws in case we receive any more bad weather here. Since it is waterproof, I don’t have to worry about it getting ruined and removing it. I also like how unlike my last doorbell, this one came with two plug-in chimes! No wiring required, so all I had to do was plug them in. I put one on each side of the house so I could hear the chime no matter where I am in my home. With over 50 chime sounds and 4 volume levels, I was able to personalize the settings to my taste! Love the quality of this doorbell overall!

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