I recently moved into my new home and we have absolutely NO streetlights nearby. Since it is so dark, it is almost impossible to get up the steps and unlock the door late at night. This solar motion sensor light from ILLUNITE is perfect! It required very little set up, and only took me about two minutes to install. Since the light is solar powered, I simply had to screw it into one of the posts on my porch, and I was done. No batteries required. This light has four light modes. Mode 1 will auto turn on during night and then turn off during the day. Mode 2 will stay dim at night, then get bright when people come close. Mode 3 will stay off until it senses movement at night. Mode 4 will keep the light completely off. I personally prefer to keep this light on mode 3. I don’t feel the need to keep the light on all night unless there is someone nearby needing to get up the steps or open the door. The light is bright enough to cover my entire porch and I love that it charges itself during the day with the solar panels. This is a great addition to my porch!

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