I have such a hard time getting my daughter to keep headphones on her head. She loves her Disney Jr music, but not everyone else in the house does. These Cozy Phones are perfect for her! Unlike regular headphones, Cozy Phones fit like a headband. The ultra thin speakers are INSIDE of the headband and connect to an extra long 52″ braided cable. The hidden speakers are completely adjustable so it was very easy to get the perfect fit on my daughter’s head. Since the headband fits snug around my daughter’s head, the speakers stay in place and  don’t fall off easily. She also doesn’t yank them off because the band is SUPER comfy!  The long braided cord allows my daughter to stay connected wherever and however she wants to. This means we can even plug her Cozy Phones into the headrest TV in our car (which saves us from hearing Tinkerbell sing for the 350th time today)! These headphones are perfect for on-the-go or lounging around the house. A must-have for children who enjoy electronics!

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