These Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Merry Bites™ from Hail Merry are perfect for both kids AND adults! The gluten-free snacks are super moist and packed with sweet delicious flavor! Using clean ingredients such as coconut oil, Hail Merry has perfected their Merry Bites™ to be as healthy as possible so we can feel good about indulging. This is the first time my family has tried these snacks and we are completely in love! The bites are extremely moist and melt in your mouth immediately. Although they are fine at room temperature, I found they were much better refrigerated. These chocolate chip bites tasted identical to real raw cookie dough, but are much healthier overall! These bites are made of organic maple syrup, almond flour, organic coconut, organic chocolate chips, organic virgin coconut oil, organic madagascar vanilla, and celtic sea salt. They do not have any GMOs or artificial flavors which makes me feel really good about giving them to my family! I really can’t wait to try some of the other Hail Merry snacks!

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