Xnspy – Employee Tracking Makes Team Collaboration Effective

Guest Post Written by: Sara Johnson


Xnspy is an android mobile tracking app designed with features that make it easier for users to work with a workforce. The app makes collaborating via emails, chats, texts, and calls a lot easier. Team leaders can keep track of various activities of the team members by screening their cell phones remotely. Users can access the different features from the control panel after subscribing to its services. All users have to do after acquiring subscription, is install it on the target Android cell phone. The app has the following features:


Android mobile tracking Features



  • Call History – You can see all call logs to know whom the target person has spoken with at different times of the day.
  • Call Recording – The app automatically records all incoming and outgoing calls and uploads them to the control panel.
  • Watchlist Contacts – This feature means that users can watchlist specific contacts, then receive alerts whenever they converse with the target person.


Text Messages

Watchlist Words for SMS – With this feature, you can receive notifications whenever the target person sends or receives messages with watchlisted words. This helps make sure team members don’t use unwanted words while communicating with one another.



  • WhatsApp Chats – This tracking app allows you to access various internet messengers including WhatsApp. You can read entire threads of the conversations.
  • WhatsApp Photos – You can see all photos sent and received by the target person.
  • WhatsApp Calls – You can see all call logs via WhatsApp.


  • Viber Calls – You can see call logs to know how frequently the target person uses Viber for personal calls while at work.
  • Viber Messages – This app allows you to screen all incoming and outgoing messages via Viber.
  • Viber Photos – You can also access all photos shared via Viber.


  • Skype Messages – You can screen messages sent or received via Skype.
  • Skype Calls – You can keep track of how frequently the target person uses Skype for personal calls.
  • Skype Contacts – You can watchlist contacts that converse with your target person via Skype.


Facebook Messenger

Line Messenger

  • Line Messages – You can screen all messages sent and received via this messenger.

Kik Messenger

  • Kik Messages – You can access all messages via Kik.


  • Instagram Pictures – To keep track of social media content shared by target employees you can access Instagram from the control panel.


  • Tinder Messages – You can also read entire threads of conversations on Tinder.


  • Read All Incoming and Outgoing Messages – It allows you to read all messages on iMessages.
  • Watchlist Words for iMessages – You can use the Watchlist Word feature with iMessages.


Surround Recording

  • Record Phone Surroundings – You can turn on the recorder remotely, and record discussions in the background of the target device and listen to them later.


  • Access Gmail App – For business use Gmail is the ideal app. You can access the target person’s Gmail app and see all sent or received emails, watchlist email addresses, and watchlist words for emails.



  • View all contacts – You can access all contacts on the target device and watchlist them


  • You can access all appointments and calendar activities remotely


  • You can view list of installed apps and block unwanted apps remotely.

Photos & Videos

  • With this monitoring app, you can view all photos and videos stored on device



  • Xnspy includes real-time location lookup and viewing location history.


Places (Geo-Fencing)

  • The app allows users to define places and watchlist places so that the app can alert them when the target person enters or leaves these places.



  • Users receive alerts when they Watchlist Words, Watchlist Emails, Watchlist Phone Numbers, Watchlist Places, SIM Card Change, and for all Remotely Controlled features.

Remotely Record Surroundings

Users can carry our several remote control different features, including the following:

  • Remotely Wipe Data
  • Remotely Lock Device
  • Remotely Pause Or Start Application
  • Remotely Deactivate Application
  • Remotely take screenshot
  • Preferences For Uploading Data

Other Features

  • Web Based Control Panel – Users access all monitoring features from the control panel, which is web based.
  • Free Updates – You get constant and free updates for the app.
  • 100% Undetectable – Users can be sure to remain undetectable while monitoring their target people.

This Android mobile tracking solution is available for both iOS and Android smartphone users. You can easily find it on the app store. The file size is only 5.6M and has great customer support services. It is available in different payment options, which can be monthly, quarterly, and annually. Whenever there are updates or improvements, you will receive alerts and free updates. You can access any number of cell phones (including iOS devices) from a single control panel. However, for each device you want to monitor you need individual subscriptions.

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