This officially licensed RC Lamborghini Veneno Gravity Sensor Remote Control Car was such a huge hit in our home! Getting started was extremely easy and required very little set up. All I had to do was insert the rechargeable batteries into the car (included), insert 4 AAA batteries into the remote (not included) and then screw the antenna into the car’s remote. When I turned the remote on, the Lamborghini roared to life and I was very impressed! The car has functioning headlights and taillights, opening doors, and even has a very realistic engine sound! Controlling and maneuvering the car took a little practice, but was fairly easy overall. Thankfully this Lamborghini is make pretty well, because the kids and I ran it into numerous walls before getting the hang of it.  The dual option controller has a gravity sensor that can direct the car with the tilt of the hand and also has a traditional remote control option which features two joysticks and basic control features. I personally prefered to tilt the remote to control the car.The buttons on the remote are labeled very easily and even my 5 year old nephew was flying it around the house in a matter of minutes. Overall, I am extremely impressed with this little car! Every detail was perfect and this is keeping the kids occupied for hours at a time!

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