Orgain Protein Drinks

It has been really hard for me to find a protein drink that I love. Most of them taste chalky and have a grainy texture, so I toss them out. Orgain protein drinks are the best that I have tried thus far. Both my daughter and I need help balancing our diets and Orgain makes it easy to do so. The Orgain Organic Cold Brew Coffee + Protein makes it easy for me to start my day off right. This shake only has 100 calories and has no added sugar. It is made with organic Fair Trade certified coffee and has 10g of grass fed milk protein. It gives me a slight boost of energy to help me feel awake while also curbing my appetite. It has a nice creamy texture and a smooth iced coffee taste, so I don’t FEEL like I am being super healthy. The on-the-go bottle also makes it super convenient for me to take in the car while rushing my daughter off to daycare! Speaking of my daughter, she loves her Orgain Kids Protein shake! My daughter doesn’t eat a balanced diet no matter how hard I try to make her. She simply does not like meat (weird right?). This protein shake is perfect for my picky-eater!  The shake is made from an organic fruit and veggie blend, has 23 vitamins and minerals, and has 8g of organic protein. It fills a gap in her diet so I don’t have to force her to eat anything that she truly doesn’t like. I was scared that she wouldn’t like the flavor, but she RAVED over how good the  “chocolate milkshake” was that I let her have for breakfast.  Little does she know, she’s actually being healthy! This shake is perfect for me to toss into her bookbag before we leave or serve to her with her breakfast. I really love that Orgain made it possible for the entire family to have a great-tasting protein shake!

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