Maddyloo is currently one of the HOTTEST topics when it comes to hair accessories! Not only do they have adorable hair bands, but they also have super cool hair tattoos. I originally wanted these for my niece who sometimes has issues keeping her hair under control. However, I actually ended up keeping a bunch for myself! The Maddyloo hair ties come in hundreds of patterns and colors, so it was extremely hard to choose from their selection. Since I have fairly thick hair, I was almost certain that these would not keep my hair up. Boy, was I wrong. These Maddyloo hair bands not only kept my hair up, but I didn’t get that annoying “rubber hand ring” in the middle of my hair when I took it down! It also didn’t pinch or pull my hair like average hair ties to. I sometimes have issues with thin rubber bands popping (yes, my hair really is THAT thick), but again these held up to my test.  My niece made the comment that she loved wearing these around her wrist better than a plain hair tie because it is “much cuter” and didn’t hurt. The hair tattoos are super fun. They work like traditional tattoos (wet, press, remove) but don’t last as long as tattoos on the skin. It only lasted about 1-2 days,  which is okay with me because she’s only 12. Of course they don’t look nearly as good as they do on the package, but they are definitely noticeable and cute. We had lots of fun with those! Maddyloo is going to be trending for quite some time if they keep coming out with more fun hair accessories like these!

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