Go Big with Big Love

I completely adore Big Love products. Not only because they’re products are absolutely adorable, but because they actually stand for something. The inspiration for Big Love comes from Saint Francis of Assisi who was known for his love of god. His life was based on four basic principles which included love, peace, happiness, and freedom. With those principles in mind, Big Love was founded to share positive messages and goodness. Big Love has an extremely large variety. Each of their products come in four different colors/patterns that stand for their four principles. We received a wide variety of their products including their small lion backpack, their small freedom backpack, a square peace bag, three beach towels with matching bags, shark flip flops, a happiness swim/skirt set, a peace dress/pantie set, and a few other stationary items. Everything was so bright and colorful, that I was immediately impressed as I was pulling thing out of the box. Everything was so well made and I love that the items truly stuck to their principles. The small book bags are the perfect size for the kids. They can hold a lot of stuff and have tons of extra little pockets. Since my daughter isn’t in school yet, this makes a FANTASTIC overnight bag! The small peace bag would be a perfect pen/pencil holder for class, but I decided to use it as a medicine holder inside of the backpack. The beach towels were by far our favorite products. They are the same size as an average beach towel, but fit perfectly into their very own carrying cases. The straps attached to the case makes them super easy to carry and save TONS of room when packing! My godchild loved his shark flip flops. They did run a bit big, but overall they are a great quality. My daughter had her own little dance party when she spotted her new swimsuits. Her favorite of the two was the happiness swim/skirt set because it was super cute and girly! I was very impressed with all of the Big Love products we received. I absolutely love the idea of spreading such a positive message through ADORABLE collection of products!

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