The Book Drop from Bethany Beach Books

Bethany Beach Books is an independent bookstore located in Delaware. They realized that not everyone has a bookstore conveniently located nearby, so they created The Book Drop. The Book Drop is a monthly subscription book box. This means that each month they send you a new hand-selected book based on your reading preferences. Their boxes include “The Jane”, “The Ernest”, “Young Adult”, and “Children”. “The Jane” is great for  contemporary, literary fiction, and historical fiction fans. “The Ernest” is great for thriller, action novels, and nonfiction fans. The “Young Adults” box and the “Children” box are both boxes of mixed paperback books according to the child’s maturity level. I personally love a good mystery, so I chose “The Ernest” box! Inside of my Ernest box, I received  an AUTOGRAPHED copy of “A Good Killing” by Allison Leotta. I also received an excerpt about the book as well as a sneak peak into next month’s box. This particular book is about two sisters, Jody and Anna, who get caught up in the murder investigation of their former high school coach. Jody was the coach’s secret lover and Anna, who happens to be a sex crimes prosecutor, has to prove her sister’s innocence.  Based on this book alone, I feel like The Book Drop did a great job finding a book that catches my attention. As a bookworm, I sometimes find it hard to find new books. Since I have been an avid reader since jr high, it is hard to find a book that I haven’t already read! The Book Drop is a fantastic subscription box for readers who are looking to be introduced to fantastic new world of books!

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