The Original Designer Noodle

When I think of summer toys, I immediately think about pool noodles. Apparently, this is not the case with my little nieces and nephews. To them, pool noodles are a thing of the past…..well, until they seen these Original Designer Noodles! The Original Designer Noodles are high quality pool noodles designed to be a high quality and extremely eye-catching. These noodles are made with a spandex cover that protects them from environmental damage and prevents them from falling apart too quickly . The bold designs are great for children, teens, and adults of any age! I received an emoji noodle, a sprinkle noodle, and a fast-food noodle. My teenage niece immediately claimed the emoji noodle for herself. This pattern is very “in” right now with young kids, so I wasn’t shocked by her decision. My daughter choose the sprinkles, which again wasn’t surprising. This is a very girly and kid-friendly design. My nephew chose the fast food design because he thought it was super funny! All three kids immediately agreed that these were the softest pool noodles they’d ever had. The spandex cover added a nice layer of padding over the thick foam so it wasn’t uncomfortable. The quality of these designer noodles were much better overall compared to the regular $2 noodles at my local grocery store. We can’t wait to show these off on our next trip to the public pool!

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