The Original Crazy Foam

I have an issue with my daughter always stealing my shaving cream when she takes a bath. At $6 a bottle, that’s not exactly the cheapest bathtub toy! These Crazy Foams are the perfect solution! Crazy Foam is a 3-in-1 body wash, shampoo, and conditioner that is packed into an easy-to-spray can. The foam comes out like a thick shaving cream so it is easy to mold and doubles as a body wash!  My daughter absolutely loves it! Not only does she get to play with it, but it isn’t a complete waste! She can mold it and play with it however she wants, then wash off with it and rinse it down the drain! The cans look exactly like shaving cream bottles, so she feels like such a big girl when she uses it! I was scared that the smell wouldn’t be the greatest, but it has a nice sweet candy smell that both myself and my daughter enjoy! Such a great addition to bath time!

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