“I Can’t Adult Today” Thermos from Toby’s Trendy Treasures

This thermos from Toby’s Trendy Treasures accurately depicts how I feel every morning. I am far from being a morning person, so I just HAD to have this! This BPA free double wall thermal cup is 10 oz which is perfect for one glass of coffee on-the-go! I loved how I was able to completely customize the look of this. I was able to choose the lid color as well as the glitter color. I am a pink person, so naturally I chose to stick with the black lid and pink glitter bottom. When I received my package, I was extremely impressed. I was a little nervous about the glitter falling off everywhere but I didn’t have any issues. The glitter is sealed so it doesn’t cause any mess! I was also impressed that the lettering did not peel off easily. The instructions say to hand wash the thermos with a soft sponge and pat dry to avoid any peeling.  The lid screws on easily and has an open/close slider which is great for avoiding any spills. Also since it is double walled, my coffee stays warm longer!  I was super excited to show the girls at work my new cup, and just as I expected they thought it was hilarious! I can’t wait to order more from Toby’s Trendy Treasures! The shop owner was extremely pleasant to work with and the quality of my cup is phenomenal!

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One thought on ““I Can’t Adult Today” Thermos from Toby’s Trendy Treasures

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  1. That is hilarious!!! what a great idea as a gift to someone.
    and if you say that it is quality and the coffee stays warm so that is worth trying.
    Thanks for the tip!


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