This cute little Figa-Roll is a great addition to our cat furniture collection! This 7″ diameter sisal pad roll is attached to a 16″X8″ carpeted base. Since it isn’t extremely large, it is very easy to place into corners, hallways, or other small spaces. It is 100% customizable from the sisal pad down to the color of the carpet, so there is sure to be a color combination to perfectly match the rest of the house decor. I decided to place this Figa-Roll in my hallway. Since it isn’t bulky, it doesn’t get in the way of everyone walking around. However, my cat loves to hang out in the hallway so this keeps him off to the side instead of laying in the middle of the floor. He loves the sisal pad and stops to scratch on it often. He even uses it as a napping area! This Figa-Roll is perfect for my little fur-baby!

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