It Could Be A Boat Box

This is truly the most RANDOM subscription box I have ever reviewed. It Could Be A Boat send out a box filled with 100% mystery items. That means you could get anything from shirts, to books, to toys, and much more! In this month’s box I received a laptop bag, a vibration speaker, a mud mask, over-sized paperclips, and ear buds.  Since this box is completely random, I was a little nervous about what was inside. However, I was fairly pleased. The laptop bag fit my laptop perfectly and was made of a nice soft material. The speaker was a nice surprise. I’ve never seen a vibrations speaker before so I was very eager to try it. I haven’t tried the mud mask yet, but it looks like tons of fun! The big paper clips were super funny and useful. I can bring these to work to hold my folders. The ear buds are a GREAT quality and worked like a charm! I always misplace my ear buds, so these were a nice touch. Prices for these boxes range from $10.00 a month to $40.00 a month. It Could Be A Boat donate’s 10% of their proceeds to organizations that provide services to individuals with mental illness. That means that every box purchased helps provide work, meaning, and hope to people with special needs.

Visit the It Could Be A Boat Website


Sample Provided For Review


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