I absolutely LOVE VitaFive vitamins. VitaFive vitamins is a website designed to create unique packs of vitamins specifically for your personal needs. Each pack contains 4 weeks worth of vitamin packs. This month I am trying their beauty packs. Inside of my beauty packs I received three Omega 3 gummies, two Vitamin C gummies, and two Biotin gummies. The Omega 3 helps obtain healthy, shiny, lustrous hair while also hydrating the skin.  Vitamin C is important for the structural protein in the skin keeping it youthful. Biotin supports keratin production in hair and nails promoting growth.  Since I can be a tad forgetful and don’t remember to take each individual vitamin daily, it is very convenient that VitaFive sends all of my beauty vitamins in a daily pack. I can simply grab my pack before leaving the house, and take them all at once! No need to sort them into daily tabs or remember to grab six different bottles! I also love that these vitamins are small gummies instead of pills! Much easier (and tastier) for me to take while on-the-go! VitaFive is a genius way for me to get the daily vitamins I need, without all of the extra work!

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