Lovely Candy Co.

I recently stumbled upon the Lovely Candy Co website and completely fell in love with their assortments. I have quite the sweet tooth, so I just HAD to try some of their goodies! I was sent some sea salt caramels, some cashamels, a bag of juicy chews, a bag of hula chews, and a bag of cherry licorice.  Obviously I immediately dug into the caramels since I am a caramel FANATIC, and I was definitely not let down! The sea salt caramels had a nice soft texture and a very classic taste. The cashamals were very unique! It had the classic taste of caramel bites but had a nice salted chocolate cashew center! It also had small chunks of cashews throughout the candy giving it a very unique texture. I have honestly never tasted anything similar to it! The juicy chews and hula chews were my daughter’s favorite. The juicy chews have have a nice pure fruit flavor while the hula chews have a great chocolate coconut flavor! They both had a great chewy texture and the flavors just exploded! The cherry licorice was also a huge hit! I am usually not a fan of licorice, but this Lovely Candy Co brand licorice had a fantastic flavor to it! It wasn’t bland and didn’t leave any weird tastes in my mouth! I loved that it was simple and had more of the “fruit strip” texture than a “rope candy” texture. Overall, I feel like Lovely Candy Co is a great snack choice for my family! They avoid using any artificial ingredients and are free of GMOs and gluten! Not only are these the better tasting snack option, but they’re better health wise as well!

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