These disposable placemats from SparkzBaby are super convenient! Each of these placemats have adhesive strips on the sides that allow the mat to stick firmly to a table. They create a safe and clean eating environment immediately no matter the location! My daughter is still learning how to feed herself, so these come in really handy at restaurants! I simply take one out, stick it to the table, and remove it once she’s done! Since this are disposable, I don’t have to worry about cleaning them and saving them for later. I can ball it up and toss it in the trash! I also really like how these are individually folded so that I can easily fit them into the side of her diaper bag. They’re ready to go whenever she is! These mats make cleanup a breeze! I can’t wait until they start making more designs!

Discount Codes:

 For the 50 count packages – SAVE50ML

 For the 25 count packages – SAVE25ML

(Valid until 9/30/2016)

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