JewelScent Guava Mai Tai Candle

I was super excited to test out this JewelScent candle! Each candle contains a hidden jewel valued between $15 and $7500! This means that not only do I get to test out an awesome candle, but I get an exciting surprise gift as well! I chose the Guava Mai Tai scent because I am a sucker for tropical things. Guava Mai Tai was a juice guava scent with light lemon, orange, pineapple and melon undertones. I was completely addicted! I tend to be an impatient person, so I was really excited to find that my ring was pretty close to the top of the candle. I burned the candle for about 5 minutes and the shiny gold paper was right at the top! I pulled the gold foil out, opened it up, and revealed a GORGEOUS silver ring with a adorable purple accent.  Since I was able to choose my ring size, the ring fit like a charm! Attached to the ring was a small code which I typed into the JewelScent website to find that the approximate value of my ring is $84! I was so excited! I can’t wait to order another item and reveal yet ANOTHER breathtaking jewel! JewelScent products would make a perfect gift for anyone of any age! I mean, who wouldn’t want an adorable surprise like this!?!?!

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Sample Provided For Review


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