These Animal Traks flip flops were a HUGE hit with the kids! Animal Traks are flip flops with animal prints stamped onto the bottom. When the kids walk on sand or dirt, they leave little prints behind them! The sizing on these flip flops are a little strange. They come in small (6 2/3 inches), medium (7 5/8 inches) and large (8 4/26 inches). They also come in blue wolf print, red tiger print, green bear print, and orange t-rex print. I was a little disappointed that we couldn’t mix and match the colors and prints, however the kids were still pleased with the styles they were sent. I loved how these flip flops had thick straps which helped them stay in place without falling off. I also loved how thick and comfortable they were! I can’t wait to let the kids wear these to the beach during our summer vacation.

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