Natural First Aid Kit an Perfume Set from 3 Girls Holistic

I love organic alternatives to every-day items. Especially medicine. I recieved a Natural First Aid Kit and a Perfume set from 3 Girls Holistic. To start, I was very impressed with the first aid kit. The kit included a 1 oz Organic Wound Wash, .333 oz Organic Roll-On Injury Oil, 1 oz Organic Wound Salve, and a 2 oz Pure Bentonite Clay. These products offer an effective and safe alternative to minor wound cares such as bug bites and scrapes. These first aid products are made with 100% organic ingredients and are safe to use on children of all ages. Since my daughter is two, the wound salve came in handy when she fell and scraped her knee. It also came in handy when she had a minor diaper rash. The perfume kit is absolutely adorable. It is a playful collection of roll-on perfumes that my daughter absolutely loved! The kit included Beach Time Dreams, Citrus Parfait, Pretty Flower, and Butterfly Kisses perfume. Each perfume roller has a spill proof and mess free cap making it perfect for younger kids. It is 100% natural and does not include any toxins or alcohol. Since this is specifically aimed at younger children, the smell is very light. I didn’t want her to use something too strong since she’s still a child so this was perfect. Inside of our perfume kid we received two surprise lip glosses.  We received an orange pop lip gloss and a  chocolate mint lip gloss. These organic little glosses are a super cute addition to my daughter’s collection. I love that they are not colored so she can’t make a mess with them! 3 Girls Holistic is a great organic shop for adults and children alike!

Visit The 3 Girls Holistic Website



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