Smart Art Subscription Box

My cousin is an art major in college and I thought this box would be perfect for her! This month’s Smart Art box included a 5 piece stainless steel knife set from Painter’s Edge, Lukas Terzia oil colors, two small Art Bites canvases and a tube of Gamblin solvent-free gel. It also came with step-by-step instructions to create an Impasto painting. The instructions were very easy to understand and although I am not personally great at art, I felt like I could follow along with no issues! The quality of the knife set was fantastic! The tools did not bend or break easily. The oil colors came with a large variety of hues so it was very easy for her to mix and create the perfect shades. The two canvases were the perfect size for creating mini-masterpieces although she did say she wishes they would’ve came with a small stand. These mini-canvases do not easily fit onto her standard size easel. The Gamblin gel is one of her favorite brands, so she was very happy to see that included in this box. She knows this brand well and felt comfortable using these items. I can’t wait to see her finished masterpiece!

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