Beautifly Pure Box

I am completely in love with this month’s Beautifly Pure box! I received a coconut lime lip scrub, bamboo charcoal handmade soap, and a grapefruit lip balm. The coconut lime lip scrub is made with organic Cane Sugar, extra virgin coconut oil, sweet almond oil, and jojoba oil. To use, all I needed to do was rub a pea sized amount of lip scrub over my lips and it removes the dead skin! Once I rinse the scrub off, I can instantly see a difference in my lips! The coconut lime scent was nice and tropical which I loved, but wasn’t too overwhelming. This was my first time using a bamboo charcoal soap, and I was very impressed. It is made with olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, distilled water, coconut milk, sodium hydroxide, shea butter, activated bamboo charcoal, geranium, and essential oils. I did a little research on bamboo charcoal soap and found that it absorbs toxins, minerals, and other skin impurities. It is also a natural acne treatment and removes dead skin cells! The bar was about 3.5 – 4.2 oz so it will last me a good while. The smell was amazing! I was very impressed! The grapefruit lip balm is made with candelilla wax, shea butter, extra virgin organic coconut oil, jojoba oil, cocoa butter,and  essential oils.I am not normally a fan of grapefruit, however this wasn’t a strong smell. Instead it was a light fruity scent. I loved that it did not leave my lips feeling super greasy like a lot of homemade lip balms tend to do. Overall, I was very impressed with the quality of these handmade items! I love everything inside of my box!

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