My mother owns a catering company (Nana T’s Catering) and these glass jug beverage dispensers will be perfect for any of her parties! Not only are they great for weddings, but we can use them for kids parties, baby showers, and birthdays as well! Each jug holds up to one gallon of liquid which is perfect! That means we don’t have to refill the jugs very often. These jugs don’t have a very fast flow, which we actually do not mind. Sometimes kids like to mess with them and make a mess overflowing their cups. We tend prefer dispensers with a slower stream. The best thing about these jugs is that we have not had any issues with them leaking! Once we tightened the spouts, they were good to go! We had issues with out last dispensers leaving a mess, but so far we haven’t had any issues with these! We can’t wait to showcase these at the next wedding!

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