Basic Invite

Basic Invite is your one-stop-shop for truly custom invitations! I was completely blown away by the wide variety of styles and colors they they had to offer. They have us covered from start to finish! Firstly, they have a beautiful variety of wedding invitations! I was most impressed with the fact that you can order custom samples and have them shipped straight to your door before you even have to pay for them! That means there is no guess work! Either you love them, or you can pick a different style! The baby shower invitations are too cute for words! They have funny invitations, couple’s invitations, traditional invitations, and everything inbetween! There is no doubt that Basic Invite will have an invitation that will match your baby shower theme perfectly! The birth announcements section was one of my favorites! I had a ton of trouble finding a birth announcement that I truly loved when my daughter was born. I wish I would’ve known about Basic Invite’s huge selection. Over 100 completely customizable options to choose from! I could have found a pattern that I like, and then changed the colors to match my daughter’s nursery! I was amazed! I was also amazed at the first birthday section! My daughter’s first birthday theme was truly unique (Alice In One-derland) so it was very hard for me to find invitations to fit her theme! On the very first page of the first birthday invitation section, was an adorable tea party themed invite! I was blown away! I searched for MONTHS to find the perfect Alice In Wonderland invitation and of course Basic Invite had it on the front page! I mean seriously, they even have a large bar mitzvah/bat mitzvah section! When my daughter graduates, I will most definitely be using Basic Invite for her graduation invitations! Where else can I find hundreds of 100% customizable invitations? I can find a pattern I like, change my colors, change my font, view an instant preview, order samples, and so much more! I am completely blown away by Basic Invite!

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