Box O’ Goodies from DustBunny’s Bubbles

This box o’ goodies from DustBubby’s Bubbles is heaven sent! I received a honeysuckle soy candle, summer sunrise solid perfume, rose bath salts, a mint cocoa soap,a a violet bubble bar, a cookie bubble bar, and a cherry almond scrub. The honeysuckle candle was phenomenal! I actually have honeysuckles in my yard and this candle smelled  exactly like my bushes! The summer sunrise solid perfume also smelled fantastic. I’ve never tried solid perfume before but now I am obsessed! I rubbed a little on my wrists and my neck, and I could smell it for hours!  I did not get a chance to use the rose bath salts yet, however I was very impressed with the sweet subtle smell. I don’t normally use bath salts simply because the smell is normally too overpowering. This was not the case with these DustBunny’s bath salts.  The mint cocoa soap bar and the violet bubble bar are both fantatic. I found that all I needed was a small crumble of each to get good results. The mint cocoa soap bar has a great lather to it and the bubble bar produced nice fluffy bubbles! My daughter was obsessed with her cookie bubble bar. She begged me to use the entire bar, but a little crumble went a long way! Surprisingly a small piece of this bubble bar created a tub FULL of bubbles! Personally my favorite product from this box o’ goodies, was most definitely the cherry almond scrub. The smell was so sweet I wanted to eat it! Also, I found that it was the perfect texture for a scrub! Some scrubs are too hard and hurt my sensitive skin, but this scrub had a nice whipped texture! We are super impressed with the quality of the products we were sent in this box o’ goodies. We will forever be returning customers!

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