My daughter goes through about 3-4 sippy cups a month. She is super rough with them and they never last. I have finally found a sippy cup that can withstand this terrible two stage! This 12oz sippy cup from Klean Kanteen is made of durable high quality materials so it is virtually impossible to break. Since it has a polypropylene dust cover and an attachment loop to hook onto a bag, this little sippy cup is great for on-the-go! My daughter loved the size and shape of this cup. It is especially made for tiny hands so she didn’t have any issues holding it or drinking from it.  The sippy cup spout is 100% spill proof so we haven’t had to clean up any messes from leaks. My favorite part about this sippy cup is that it keeps my daughter’s juice cold for HOURS! This eliminates the need to constantly add ice or replace her juice. I actually plan on ordering an adult version for myself just because her ice lasts SOOOOOO long!

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