Jessica’s Natural Foods

My daughter and I are completely head over heels for Jessica’s Natural Foods! Jessica’s Natural Foods offers GMO and gluten free granola as well as organic syrup. I was sent six bags of granola and two bottles of syrup. The granola included flavors like chocolate chip, vanilla maple, pecan almond, cherry & berry, almond cherry, and chocolate hazel.  The syrup is available in strawberry and vanilla. My daughter was a little skeptical about the granola at first (she is an extremely picky eater) but ended up asking for a second serving! She prefers the chocolate chip flavor and the almond cherry flavor. I personally loved the vanilla maple and pecan almond flavors. I loved how the granola was in convenient bite-sized chunks. This made it super easy to eat on-the-go and as an office snack. The syrup was a HUGE hit with everyone in my home! This syrup is a lot less thick than alternative syrup from the grocery store. Since it is made with natural ingredients, it’s also healthier than other alternatives as well. I have honestly never seen my daughter gulp down milk so fast! The strawberry syrup has a naturally sweet flavor and transformed my daughter’s milk into a great strawberry milkshake flavor! The vanilla tasted exactly like vanilla ice cream! Both flavors were absolutely amazing. Jessica’s Natural Foods is toddler and mommy approved for sure!

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