KRAVE jerky is by far some of the best jerky I have ever tasted! Unlike other jerky, KRAVE is a high-protein and low-calorie jerky that is much healthier than competitor brands. KRAVE does not include any artificial flavors, has 8-12 grams of protein per 1 oz serving, and allows you to be full without overeating. I was a little nervous about trying KRAVE’s flavor combinations, but I was fairly impressed. I received a pineapple orange flavor, a black cherry barbecue flavor, a sweet chipotle flavor, and an original sea salt flavor. I immediately noticed that KRAVE was much more moist than any jerky i’ve tried in the past. It was not chewy or tough, but instead was soft and tender! The original flavor was very good and classic, but I actually prefered the sweet chipotle flavor the most. It had a natural smoky flavor with a kick of heat and honey.  Surprisingly I also enjoyed the pineapple orange and black cherry flavors. The pineapple orange offered a nice Hawaiian flavor while the black cherry was a nice homestyle flavor. Although these KRAVE jerky packs can serve as a meal replacement, I prefer them as an afternoon snack. Each bag is resealable so I can easily save them for later. KRAVE currently offers 9 unique flavor combinations! I bet their grilled sweet teriyaki will be a huge hit in our home!  I can’t wait to try then all!

Visit The KRAVE Jerky Website


Sample Provided For Review


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